Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bitter Sweet March

I've been trying to understand the deeper meaning behind why I've been sick for most of the month of March. There was about 4-5 days of good health in between the two illnesses, so I've spent about three and a half weeks very sick.

I have been pretty frustrated because bed ridden is not a true option for me. Brady (my 10 month old son) is addicted to mommy. If he knows she's in the house, he wants nothing to do with anyone except mommy. And when you're that sick and that weak, what's a mama to do?

It's times like these that I wish I had my family near by. I would have him go to grandma's house, OR I would go to grandma's house to get some rest. That hasn't been an option for me, so that could be one reason I haven't been able to fully shake this bug.

Another reason could be that I'm burning the candle at both ends. I'm not sleeping much. I'm pushing myself hard to get it all done and be everything to everyone. I'm also facing my fears and putting myself out there more and more every day. That's stressful! That stirs up anxiety. I try to keep it under control and in perspective, but that is definitely easier said than done.

There's cool stuff happening in the midst of all this sickness. Momentum is building in so many ways, but my body is saying NO, SLOW DOWN!

I was recently interviewed by a reporter from Naperville Magazine to be mentioned in a story for the May - Mother's Day issue. He wants to say a few words about the Naperville Moms Network. That makes me very happy! Hopefully, someone that needs a place to connect with other women will discover NMN when she reads that article.

That same day, I attended a Tribune event in downtown Naperville and met the who's who of the Tribune! That was pretty cool, but what was even more cool is that I was asked to become a contributing columnist, submitting stories based on my blog. I have to say, I'm still shocked and a little in disbelief. But, I'm very honored and excited to do so.

I've met some amazing people lately that share the same passions that I do. They want to help women. They want to impact families in the community. I'm recognizing how these developing relationships have so much potential to make an incredible impact. It's such an exhilarating feeling to have a vision for what's possible if we all come together!

I've had a lot of major ups as well as some real downers this month. One thing I'm realizing for sure, I can't make anything happen for anyone until I focus on getting healthy. I suppose that needs to become my top priority. I'm not any good for anyone when I'm sick!

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Leta Hamilton said...

Hi, Kelli. I found your blog through Twitter of all things and I totally agree with what you say about giving up what no longer serves the Highest Good. My blog is focused on the many spiritual lessons my children teach me every day and it complements yours very well. I am also the author of "The Way of the Toddler: The Craziness of Modern Motherhood & the Spiritual Lessons I Learned from My Zen Masters in Diapers."
Blessings, Leta Hamilton