Sunday, April 4, 2010


Is there such a thing – a Supermom? Is it just me or am I the only one that feels surrounded by them?

I think I might have a slight case of mom envy. Or maybe it’s a case of mom inadequacy. Whatever it is, I find myself wanting to be and do more even though I know that I’m giving it all that I’ve got right now.

Do you know these amazing moms that I’m referring to? The ones that make homemade baby food, buy everything organic, use cloth diapers, juggle multiples, make fitness a priority each day, prepare healthy, gourmet, fresh meals for their families, keep a perfectly organized and clean home, run all the errands, and still have time for lattes and pedicures with their girlfriends.

Intellectually, I recognize that we’re all wired and built differently. I know that we all have certain areas in which we are gifted and things come easy. Maybe these Supermoms are simply living out their greatest gifts. This role is their primary purpose and greatest priority. Or is it possible that they only appear to have it all? Is there more than meets the eye with these Supermoms?

I suppose I’m realizing more and more that the domestic housewife and stay-at-home mom role is not where the good Lord has blessed me with stellar skills. I have to work really hard at it!

I find myself talking to other moms about the difficulties of motherhood. Some can completely relate to the challenges and struggles, while others almost immediately dismiss me and tell me to “talk to them when I have at least three children.”  Talk about invalidating one’s feelings!

The one thing I’ve come to realize in all of this is that as women journeying through motherhood, we have to remember to support and help one another rather than pass judgment.

If you’re one of those Supermoms, I say “Bravo, Woman! Now, be a dear friend and teach me a thing or two!”

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On The Go Gourmet said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. As a "young" mom with small kids and working full time, sometimes I feel like it's not good enough. I'm a marketing manager at Panera Bread in Naperville, ansd believe me, I get the case of mom envy too. I see all the gorgeous moms coming from their workouts, with huge rocks on their fingers, Louis Vuitton hobos and ordering salads with their girlfriends I think, "What am I doing wrong?" But you're absolutely correct, we all have strengths and we should share with each other our secrets, so that we can all help each other be the best moms we can be.